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The Rel8-able story of how we began

Our journey began with my own personal experience, one that many of us can relate to – the challenge of balancing work, family, and staying connected with our loved ones. 

My name is Michael and during my earlier career as an IT professional, my life was bustling with projects and deadlines. At the same time, my Mum was dedicating her time to the aged care sector, and my beloved Nan was residing in an aged care home. As the years passed, I found myself torn between my professional commitments and my family, with a nagging feeling that time was slipping through my fingers.

It was during this time I began to realise the preciousness of moments with my Nan. We spent quality time together, but it’s always never enough and you don’t realise until it’s too late. I would have loved to have shared more of her life experiences and memories. Stories about events and outings she went to, like the Melbourne Cup, out to fish and chips for lunch and festive gatherings with friends. It wasn’t until after she passed that we saw a few pictures of her day to day activities and it highlighted all the missed opportunities for conversations we could have had.

In a world immersed in technology, I was astonished by the lack of seamless solutions to address this fundamental problem of connecting generations. This realisation ignited a spark within me, and I started toying with rough designs to create a solution. But life had other plans and the idea was put on the back burner when my Nan passed away.

Years rolled by, with the birth of my children and the pursuit of my career taking centre stage. It wasn’t until the world was shaken by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that things started to shift. My Mum, deeply involved in the aged care sector, shared heart-wrenching stories about its impact on the residents. Loneliness and disconnection crept in, families were distanced and residents had no one to share their daily lives with except the caregivers.

The pandemic brought to light the stark reality of the communication gap in community care facilities from aged and home care to disability care. It was then that I felt a resolute determination to be a part of the solution. That idea that had been simmering on the back burner was reignited with newfound purpose  to streamline communication and create an essential app that the whole care community needed and I embarked on a mission to build a bridge of communication between the aged care and their families.

Leveraging the world of technology, we’ve now created a space where real-time stories and photos can be shared easily, ensuring that connections between generations remain vibrant and meaningful. So, to all the families out there looking to cherish precious memories and to keep your connections alive and thriving – Rel8 is here for you. Join us on this journey and let’s create, share and celebrate those unforgettable moments together.

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The Rel8-able story of how we began

Our journey began with my own personal experience, one that many of us can relate to – the challenge... logo

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